What To Read While You’re Waiting for THE FALL

We’re *checks calendar* forty-five days away from the release of The Fall on June 11, sequel to The Nine, and you know what?

You can get a lot of reading other stuff in, given forty five-days.

So while it would mean the world to me if you pre-ordered The Fall from your friendly neighborhood Indie, from B&N, from Amazon, or requested from your library if you’re eager to see what’s in store for our heroes since the last book, I’d love it if you gave some of that same love to some of these authors, too.

Are you into sprawling, epic fiction with motley casts of well-drawn characters and dastardly clever world-building? Look into Angus Watson’s West of West series! It starts with You Die When You Die.

How about fantasy that’s dark, but never Grimdark? Something atmospheric, thoughtful, and engrossing? Look into Crier’s Knife, by Neal Litherland!

How about a smaller bite of something — a compact, lean story of steampunk inventiveness that doesn’t skimp on the world-building or character detail? You can’t go wrong with P. Djeli Clark’s The Black God’s Drums.

How about smaller bites of steampunk that will cover lots of characters, stories, and points of view? Try Altered America, by Cat Rambo!

Or are you maybe, just maybe, here because I baked an ube cake and named it after Thanos, and you were really hoping to run into something more along the lines of superheroes here, too?

Try V. E. Schwab’s duology of supers hidden among us: Vicious and Vengeful.

Enjoy! And hopefully I’ll be “seeing” you again on June 11!

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