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Pick My Brain on Reddit Today!

Act now! Today only! Supplies (of time) are limited!

In the spirit of Black Friday urgency, don’t delay stopping by r/Fantasy on Reddit where you can join me for an AMA (Ask Me Anything)!

Before you stop in, you might beef up your The Nine knowledge with some of these great interviews from release week and beyond, too:

Paul Semel’s Interview – wherein I talk media adaptations, how series survive in publishing, and messin’ around with genre conventions.

Fantasy Literature – wherein I talk tabletop role-playing games, loving problematic characters, and building a world of kluged sciences.

The Qwillery – wherein I talk about naming characters, which character is hardest for me to write, and why “social issues” matter in fiction.

The Nine Days of THE NINE

With just days left until The Nine releases, you’ll be “seeing” a lot more of me around — online and in person! Keep an eye out for me at the following places this November, in what I’m calling the Nine Days of The Nine tour. (Okay, fine. If you count the whole WindyCon weekend, it’s not nine days exactly. But let a girl have her fun.)

If you’re part of my street team (still haven’t joined? why? don’t you like seeing cool stuff nobody else gets to see? — sign up for the newsletter at the top of this page!) then give me a boost by checking out these events, online or in person, and spreading the word about them. And if you’re not? Well. You’ll learn more than enough about me and my book to want to get in on the action.


The Nine Days of The Nine Promo Schedule!

Nov. 10-11: WindyCon 44 in Lombard, IL. – Friday the 10th I’ll be on a panel discussing currency and survival in a dystopian setting; Saturday, I’ll be on two other panels and giving a reading with prizes and giveaways for attendees. Check the events schedule entry for more details!

Nov. 13 Lawrence M. Schoen’s Eating Authors & Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville, IL’s Pre-Release Sale & SigningI’m very grateful to Hugo- and Nebula-nominated sff author Lawrence M. Schoen for inviting me to tell you about a favorite, formative meal on his “Eating Authors” blog series (a good entry to look up if you’re at all interested in my strange past in the martial arts). The night-before-release festivities continue in realspace, too, as I gather with friends, family, students, and perfect strangers for an exclusive pre-release sale of The Nine at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville. It’s never too late to order your copy and join in! Also, copies ordered online and shipped to you can be autographed. Just add in the comment box at checkout “I would like my copy signed” and place your order before November 13!

November 14 is. . . RELEASE DAY!!!

Nov. 14 Nicholas Kaufmann’s The Scariest PartMany thanks to dark fantasy author Nicholas Kaufmann for welcoming me to his blog, where you’ll learn about facing the fear of being told you can’t have the villain you want in your book. . . . because they might be sympathetic after all. What happens when someone holding the strings to your future says that, and you still say no? Find out here!

Nov. 15 John Scalzi’s The Big IdeaEvery book idea comes from someplace. Hugo-Award winner John Scalzi is good enough to let me explain how pretending to be bad at my college work-study job yielded rewards I’d never imagined in my writing.

Nov. 16 Mary Robinette Kowal’s My Favorite BitMary Robinette Kowal may be one of the sweetest people in all of sff, so it’s no surprise that she opens her blog to authors who want to get excited with you about what they love in their work. On November 16, you’ll get to read about the one scene that survived every single edit The Nine went through, and why it survived unchanged to the very end.

Nov. 17 Uncanny Magazine BlogPublishing is a strange, complicated world and I’ve been fortunate to have an excellent support system of friends, family, and professionals around me. The Thomases of Uncanny Magazine are a little of all three to me. They’ve been kind enough to let me write about one of my favorite tropes — redemption arcs — but with a twist: writing as the author’s redemption arc.

Nov. 21 Reddit r/fantasy Ask Me AnythingAll cards on the table: I’m really not a Reddit kind of gal, so this one’s a bit scary. Still, there’s no more interesting place to go to get questions about your work and interface with readers than Reddit’s r/fantasy “Ask Me Anything” forum. Pop in to post a question, or to see my answers as they emerge Nov. 21st!

Nov. 25 Small Business Saturday at Villains & Heroes Academy in Bolingbrook, ILI’m a geek down to the marrow of my bones, and so Villains & Heroes Academy in Bolingbrook is exactly the kind of place I like to spend my time, and very much a place I wish I had had in my life as a kid. Fortunately, the Townsend kids are there every week for games, comics, and general geekery. Now you can support a big-hearted small business and buy a copy of The Nine from me. Gifts, swag, and giveaways for all comers will be there, too.

Nov. 30 Chuck Wendig’s “The Five Things I Learned Writing The Nine“: You’d have a hard time identifying a more colorful author or blogger than Chuck Wendig. His “Five Things I Learned Writing. . .” series is the perfect home for other authors to share their most colorful experiences writing, too. The list could go a lot longer than five, in my case. But I had to be good and obey the rules.

And there it is! A first taste of the many places you can go to keep up with me. More to come in the weeks to come, of course. If you have any suggestions of where you’d like to see me — in real life or virtual life — make a suggestion in the comments below.

Starting November Big: Amazon & Tor & Release Week News!

I’m so proud to announce…

*deep breath*

The Nine is an Amazon Editors’ Pick for Best Science Fiction and Fantasy in November! And if that wasn’t a big enough way to have kicked off the month (including, ahem, a sprint to the end of NaNoWriMo with Book Two in the works), hosted a teaser from the novel — a chapter you can’t find anywhere else (or at least, not until November 14). Moreover, a brand-new review from Books, Bones, & Buffy came out this morning, and to say it’s glowing is. . . kind of an understatement? Well, I’m glowing, anyway.

Keep your eye out for “The Nine Days of The Nine” in November, starting November 10 at WindyCon 44 where I’ll be doing a reading from The Nine, a giveaway of the final ARCs and the much-beloved Thieves of Fate Fan Packs (complete with character-themed tea, notebooks, bookmarks, and of course the custom-designed Stone Scales tote bag by Mike Dean) and joining panels Friday and Saturday on everything from tropes of bygone sff to survival in the crapsack dystopia.

Join me here for the full schedule reveal of the “The Nine Days of The Nine” this Wednesday so you’ll know where I’ll be in real life and digitally. I’d love to “see you” at all the stops along the way!