Starting November Big: Amazon & Tor & Release Week News!

I’m so proud to announce…

*deep breath*

The Nine is an Amazon Editors’ Pick for Best Science Fiction and Fantasy in November! And if that wasn’t a big enough way to have kicked off the month (including, ahem, a sprint to the end of NaNoWriMo with Book Two in the works), Tor.com hosted a teaser from the novel — a chapter you can’t find anywhere else (or at least, not until November 14). Moreover, a brand-new review from Books, Bones, & Buffy came out this morning, and to say it’s glowing is. . . kind of an understatement? Well, I’m glowing, anyway.

Keep your eye out for “The Nine Days of The Nine” in November, starting November 10 at WindyCon 44 where I’ll be doing a reading from The Nine, a giveaway of the final ARCs and the much-beloved Thieves of Fate Fan Packs (complete with character-themed tea, notebooks, bookmarks, and of course the custom-designed Stone Scales tote bag by Mike Dean) and joining panels Friday and Saturday on everything from tropes of bygone sff to survival in the crapsack dystopia.

Join me here for the full schedule reveal of the “The Nine Days of The Nine” this Wednesday so you’ll know where I’ll be in real life and digitally. I’d love to “see you” at all the stops along the way!

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